6th London Gas & LNG Forum 2019

Since its inception the London Gas & LNG Forum has been established as the most exclusive gas and LNG event in London. It is a unique commercial platform that brings together American and European energy leaders, investors, and government decision makers aiming to provide market intelligence and access to top decision makers. The London Forum is a private, closed door, off the record, non-attribution, and non-dissemination meeting.

U.S. Energy Stream organizes the 5th London Gas & LNG Forum 2018 on 5 & 6 September, 2018, at The Rag Army & Navy Club, London, U.K.

This year’s focus is on the European gas market competition and energy security, European natural gas infrastructure, US LNG exports, and their impact to the Eurasian gas markets. Europe aims to secure its gas supplies from traditional and new suppliers of natural gas. The United States aims to promote its LNG exports to the global markets. Europe being the largest gas market in the world is attracting competition. Traditional and new gas pipeline suppliers to Europe have to complete with rising global LNG exports.