London Gas & LNG Forum Past Distinguished Speakers Include


Christopher Butler

Executive Director, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR)
United States

Christopher Butler is Executive Director of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), where he manages all of the organization’s day-to-day activities, and sets priorities and policy positions for ATR and its affiliated groups.  Founded in 1985, ATR has grown far beyond its original marquee project, the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  Today, ATR is a broad, influential free-market activist organization operating in a dozen issue areas at the state, federal, and—increasingly—international level to promote free and open markets and economic liberty. 

In cooperation with Lorenzo Montanari, Mr. Butler directs the Property Rights Alliance, which is well known for its annual International Property Rights Index and coalition work on behalf of intellectual property rights. Mr. Butler additionally directs ATR’s other international work, including the Taxpayer Leaders Forum and the Coalition Leaders Forum which promote the establishment of advocacy organizations and formal coalitions across the globe. 

Mr. Butler for the past several years has played a key role in organizational outreach to European Parliamentary groups.  He has trained activists in communications, fundraising, and political organizing in Ukraine, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, New Zealand, Ireland, Belgium, Malaysia and elsewhere in Europe and Asia.  Through his roles with ATR and affiliated groups, he has helped to launch activist organizations in Ukraine, Kuala Lumpur, Ireland and India.

Mr. Butler also has a role in managing other special projects of ATR including the Center for Worker Freedom, which promotes free labor markets; Digital Liberty, which promotes freedom in electronic media; and the Cost of Government Center, which promotes restraint in spending and regulation. 

Mr. Butler has appeared in national media outlets such as FOX News, NPR, Newsday, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.  His background prior to his leadership at ATR was in communications and public relations and his work has included roles with parties, campaigns, and polling.  

Mr. Butler is on the Board of Directors of the World Taxpayers Associations, which connects taxpayer protection groups from over 60 countries in order to share best practices and to create opportunities for collaboration.