London Gas & LNG Forum Past Distinguished Speakers Include


Lou Pugliaresi

President, Energy Policy Research Foundation (EPRINC)
Washington, DC

Mr. Pugliaresi is President of the Energy Policy Research Foundation (EPRINC), a public policy energy think tank founded in 1944. He has led the organization’s research effort on the scope and benefits of the North American petroleum renaissance. EPRINC’s programs are focused on the intersection of petroleum economics and public policy. EPRINC publications on developments in U.S. and international petroleum markets are made available at the foundation’s website,

Mr.Pugliaresi has served in a wide range of government posts, including the National Security Council at the White House (Reagan Administration), Departments of State, Energy, and Interior, as well as the EPA. He has written extensively on energy and frequently testifies before various committees of the U.S. Congress. His career in the federal government included central policy roles in the development of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, decontrol of domestic crude oil and gasoline prices, nuclear nonproliferation, offshore oil and gas leasing on federal lands, U.S. trade policy, environmental regulations, energy security, and U.S./Soviet relations.

Mr. Pugliaresi has published extensively on petroleum topics and is a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal. Among some of his recent publications are "Future Oil Supplies Can Lower Prices Today,”  Wall Street Journal, June 2, 2011; "Lessons of the Shale Gas Revolution,” Wall Street Journal, September 30, 2011; "The Keystone Debacle,”  Wall Street Journal, November 16, 2011; "North America’s Strategic Loss: Keystone XL Pipeline and the High Cost of the American Regulatory Regime,"  Geopolitics of Energy, Canadian Energy Research Institute, Dec – Nov 2011. Keystone Can Help the Gulf—and the Northeast,” Wall Street Journal,  January 31, 2012. “Ethanol’s hidden gasoline tax,” Washington Times, May 7, 2012. “Time to Rethink Renewable Fuel Rules,” CNBC online, April 18, 2013. “Repeal or reform the RFS,” The Hill, August 2, 2013. “ Obama’s Keystone pipe blockage, U.S. energy dependency is counter-progressive,” The Washington Times, August 13, 2013. “Don’t let protectionism strangle America’s energy renaissance,” The Hill, December 23, 2013. “American Perspective, Oil and Gas Development, Arctic in World Affairs, A North Pacific Dialogue, Korean Maritime Institute, 2013.  “Will Latin America join petroleum’s new world order?” Forum, Oxford Energy Institute, November 2014, Issue 98. “Congress’ Bizarre idea to pay for health care (with L. Goldstein). Politico, July 2015.  “The SPR Can Limit the Economic Harm from a Supply Disruption,” Wall Street Journal, November 15, 2015.  “Pruitt will reform EPA's heavy-handed regulations,” The Hill, January 10, 2017. “US consumers benefit from energy integration with Mexico, Canada,” The Hill, February 17, 2017.  “Time to take fuel-efficiency mandates in for a checkup,” The Hill, March 11, 2017.  

Earlier publications include “EIS's versus the Real World,” The Public Interest, 1977. (with Gene Bardach). “Policy Analysis at the Department of State: The Policy Planning Staff,” Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Summer 1989 (with Diane Berliner).