London Gas & LNG Forum Past Distinguished Speakers Include


Ron Adam

Ambassador, Special Envoy on Energy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ron has served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1990. During his first period at the ministry he was personal assistance to the Director General and dealt mainly with the Oslo process and the economic peace with the Palestinians. In 1997 he started a long and interesting period of 15 years dealing with all aspect of the United Nations. He started in New York, serving as counselor for economic and social affairs at the Permanent Mission of Israel. In 2004, two years after his return from NY, he became the director of the UN Department at the Foreign Ministry and engaged mainly with the efforts to promote the relations between Israel with the United Nations, as well as the image of the UN among the Israeli public. As part of these efforts he initiated the UNGA resolution on Holocaust Remembrance and the International Commemoration Day. He served as a member and the chairman of a UN committee on Program and Coordination and at the same time promoted an ODA law in the Knesset. In 2008 Ron started his post as Deputy Ambassador of Israel to the UN in Geneva where he was in charge on the relations with numerous International Organizations and Specialized agencies, such at the ILO, WHO, UNEP, UNHCR, IOM and ITU. Upon his return to Israel Ron has engaged in the OECD membership of Israel, and now in the Energy file, including the relations with the International Renewable Energy Agency. Ron is committed to promote Israel's engagement in the International Aid efforts and the in trying to increase the ODA of the country.